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Ingfried Hobert Etniczna apteka. Najskuteczniejsze preparaty z roślin leczniczych z całego świata. Wskazania, zastosowanie, działanie

Female Internal Reproductive System Anatomical Model Uterus Ovary Reproductive Structure Model Gynecologist Recommended

Michael Carroll Clinical Reproductive Science

The comprehensive and authoritative guide to clinical reproductive science The field of clinical reproductive science continues to evolve; this important resource offers the basics of reproductive biology as well as the most recent advance in clinical embryology. The author – a noted expert in the field – focuses on the discipline and covers all aspects of this field. The text explores causes of male and female infertility and includes information on patient consultation and assessment, gamete retrieval and preparation, embryo culture, embryo transfer and cryopreservation. Comprehensive in scope, the text contains an introduction to the field of clinical reproductive science and a review of assisted reproductive technology. The author includes information on a wide range of topics such as gonadal development, the regulation of meiotic cell cycle, the biology of sperm and spermatogenesis, in vitro culture, embryo transfer techniques, fundamentals of fertilisation, oocyte activation and much more. This important resource: Offers an accessible guide to the most current research and techniques to the science of clinical reproduction Covers the fundamental elements of reproductive science Includes information on male and the female reproductive basics – everything from sexual differentiation to foetal development and parturition Explores the long-term health of children conceived through IVF Contains the newest developments in assisted reproductive technology Clinical Reproductive Science is a valuable reference written for professionals in academia, research and clinical professionals working in the field of reproductive science, clinical embryology and reproductive medicine.

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Male internal and external reproductive system model 5 component urinary reproductive organ structure teaching model

4D female reproductive system anatomy model, new 3d reproductive system model.

Zakiya Luna Reproductive Rights as Human Rights

Reveals both the promise and the pitfalls associated with a human rights approach to the women of color-focused reproductive rights activism of SisterSong How did reproductive justice—defined as the right to have children, to not have children, and to parent—become recognized as a human rights issue? In Reproductive Rights as Human Rights , Zakiya Luna highlights the often-forgotten activism of women of color who are largely responsible for creating what we now know as the modern-day reproductive justice movement.Focusing on SisterSong, an intersectional reproductive justice organization, Luna shows how, and why, women of color mobilized around reproductive rights in the domestic arena. She examines their key role in re-framing reproductive rights as human rights, raising this set of issues as a priority in the United States, a country hostile to the concept of human rights at home.An indispensable read, Reproductive Rights as Human Rights provides a much-needed intersectional perspective on the modern-day reproductive justice movement.

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Agnieszka Jamiołkowska Preparaty biotechniczne i biologiczne w ochronie papryki słodkiej (Capsicum annuum L.) przed grzybami chorobotwórczymi i indukowaniu reakcji obronnych roślin

Loretta Ross Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice is a first-of-its-kind primer that provides a comprehensive yet succinct description of the field. Written by two legendary scholar-activists, Reproductive Justice introduces students to an intersectional analysis of race, class, and gender politics. Loretta J. Ross and Rickie Solinger put the lives and lived experience of women of color at the center of the book and use a human rights analysis to show how the discussion around reproductive justice differs significantly from the pro-choice/anti-abortion debates that have long dominated the headlines and mainstream political conflict. Arguing that reproductive justice is a political movement of reproductive rights and social justice, the authors illuminate, for example, the complex web of structural obstacles a low-income, physically disabled woman living in West Texas faces as she contemplates her sexual and reproductive intentions. In a period in which women’s reproductive lives are imperiled, Reproductive Justice provides an essential guide to understanding and mobilizing around women’s human rights in the twenty-first century.   Reproductive Justice: A New Vision for the Twenty-First Century publishes works that explore the contours and content of reproductive justice. The series will include primers intended for students and those new to reproductive justice as well as books of original research that will further knowledge and impact society. Learn more at www.ucpress.edu/go/reproductivejustice.

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Olga B. A. van den Akker Reproductive Health Psychology

This volume provides a comprehensive, up-to-date theoretical and empirical background to the psychology of reproductive health. Provides a life span perspective of the psychology of reproductive health and its disorders, from menarche to menopause and reproductive health in older age Focuses on issues of the individual's reproductive health experience, including reproduction, pregnancy, maternity, and birth, as well as conditions such as PMDD, dysmenorrhea, and events including pregnancy failure, and abortion Acknowledges the wider social context with discussions of poverty, inequality, educational and economic status, age, and urban versus rural access Addresses life style related factors, human rights to choice, information and access, fertility control and reproductive health regulation and health care services Illustrates topics with empirical data supported with tables and figures

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Smith Carl Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes

Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes is the first integrated review of the reproductive biology of the bony fishes, which are the most species-rich and diversified group of vertebrates. Teleosts display remarkable variation in their modes of reproduction, and this volume is intended to provide a framework for understanding the remarkable reproductive diversity of this group. It describes their reproductive biology using, wherever possible, phylogenetic analyses and life-history theory as a means to interpret the information. The book addresses the genetic, physiological, behavioural, ecological, evolutionary and applied aspects of teleost reproduction in a comparative framework that emphasises the adaptive basis of reproductive diversity. Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes provides a comprehensive synthesis of fish reproduction that will be of great interest to life scientists, particularly ecologists, evolutionary biologists, physiologists and advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and research workers requiring a comprehensive overview of fish reproduction. The book is suitable for courses in fish biology and ecology, reproductive physiology and reproductive genetics. It also addresses applied questions and will be of value for courses on fisheries science and aquaculture. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological sciences, fisheries science and aquaculture are studied and taught should have several copies of this important book on their shelves.

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preparat - English translation - bab.la Polish-English ...

Translation for 'preparat' in the free Polish-English dictionary and many other English translations.

preparat - Tłumaczenie po angielsku - Słownik polsko ...

"preparat" po angielsku — Słownik polsko-angielski | zobacz "preparat" po polsku . preparat. rzeczownik. preparation *** There are several preparations you can buy for this illness. (Jest kilka preparatów, które możesz kupić na tę chorobę.) This preparation is a mix of two different substances. ...

Preparaty po koloryzacji - Koloryzacja włosów - Włosy

Ponadto preparaty po koloryzacji zapewniają odpowiedni poziom nawilżenia naszych włosów oraz pomagają w walce o ich świetny wygląd. Dzięki stosowaniu kosmetyków po farbowaniu włosy przez dłuższy czas będą piękne i lśniące niczym prosto z salonu fryzjerskiego, a także przez dłuższy czas utrzymają piękny kolor, który nie ...

Po ukąszeniu owadów - aptekagold.pl

po ukąszeniu owadów (8) rany, podrażnienia, siniaki (95) trądzik (25) wszawica (22) wypadanie włosów (6) zajady (4) inne (8) Preparaty dla mężczyzn (48) Preparaty ginekologiczne (78) Preparaty kardiologiczne i układu krążenia (212) Preparaty na alergię i katar sienny (33) Preparaty przeciwbólowe (211) Preparaty układu pokarmowego (387) Przeziębienie i grypa (399) Równowaga ...

po-lek.pl - Najbardziej pomocne preparaty i suplementy

Medycyna estetyczna – sposób na piękne ciało bez względu na wiek. 2020-08-23. Medycyna pracy i badania lekarskie – obowiązek każdego pracownika. 2020-08-27

Witaminy dla osób po 50 rż. - Apteka internetowa

Pamięć i koncentracja, Preparaty wzmacniające serce Wiek: Dorośli Postać: Płyn Rodzaj rejestracji: Suplementy diety 44,90 zł . Do koszyka ... Witaminy dla osób po 50 rż. Preparaty z wapniem; kwasy Omega 3; Witamina D; Trany; Polecamy w koszyku. NACECIS 600 MG X 10 TABL. 9,90 zł . AFLAVIC X 30 TABLETKI. CEVIFORTE 1500 MG X 20 TABL. MUSUJĄCE. ZUMA ŚWIETLIK PLUS KROPLE DO OCZU 10 ML ...

Preparaty do prostowania włosów - sklep Pro-sprzet.pl

Ponadto preparaty do prostowania włosów są dla Nas gwarancją, iż włosy po wyprostowaniu będą bardziej gładkie. Preparaty do prostowania również mają zastosowanie w stylizacji. Warto nadmienić, że wbrew swej nazwie preparaty tego typu doskonale nadają się również do stylizacji włosów za pomocą lokówek, suszarek czy falownic itd. – wszystkich tych urządzeń, którymi

preparat - English translation - bab.la Swedish-English ...

Translation for 'preparat' in the free Swedish-English dictionary and many other English translations.

Dezynfekcja - płyny, preparaty i środki do odkażania i ...

W 1987 roku, po raz pierwszy w dziejach medycyny, w USA, zalecono używanie ich we wszystkich kontaktach z pacjentem. Dzisiaj ich zastosowanie wyszło poza potrzeby służby zdrowia - wszyscy zakładamy je każdego dnia, broniąc się przed zakażeniem SARS-CoV-2. Co warto wiedzieć o rękawiczkach medyczno-ochr ... Ból zęba z KORONAWIRUSEM. Rozmowa z lekarzem stomatologiem, dr. Bogdanem ...

Kremy, leki i żele na blizny po trądziku, cesarskim cięciu ...

Skuteczny również po laserowym usunięciu tatuażu. 29,99 zł . Do koszyka. My Sticker PRO Plastry na blizny, 2 sztuki. My Sticker PRO Plastry na blizny to rodzaj opatrunku hydroaktywnego, który dodatkowo chroni bliznę przed promieniowaniem słonecznym i ryzykiem podrażnienia. 29,99 zł. Do koszyka. Nanobiotic Med+ Gold Skin Repair Au Krem regeneracyjny na skórę, 50 ml. Nanobiotic Med+ ...

Группа авторов Reproduction and Sexuality in Marine Fishes

Marine fishes represent astonishing diversity with respect to practically every aspect of their biology. Reproductive modes and sexual patterns are especially fascinating and provide deep insight into general evolutionary problems. In this volume, chapters focus on reproduction and sexuality among groups of fishes defined by habitat, taxon, and the reproductive processes that are critical for reproductive success. The book illustrates how knowledge of reproductive biology among marine fishes can help identify vulnerable and potentially vulnerable species in the face of changing environmental conditions and increasing human-based pressures.

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Heide Schatten Animal Models and Human Reproduction. Cell and Molecular Approaches with Reference to Human Reproduction

Our knowledge of reproductive biology has increased enormously in recent years on cellular, molecular, and genetic levels, leading to significant breakthroughs that have directly benefitted in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in humans and animal systems. Animal Models and Human Reproduction presents a comprehensive reference that reflects the latest scientific research being done in human reproductive biology utilizing domestic animal models. Chapters on canine, equine, cow, pig, frog, and mouse models of reproduction reflect frontier research in placental biology, ovarian function and fertility, non-coding RNAs in gametogenesis, oocyte and embryo metabolism, fertilization, cryopreservation, signal transduction pathways, chromatin dynamics, epigenetics, reproductive aging, and inflammation. Chapters on non-human primate models also highlight recent advancements into such issues as human in vitro fertilization (IVF) and assisted reproductive technologies (ART). This book offers animal scientists, reproductive biology scientists, clinicians and practitioners, invaluable insights into a wide range of issues at the forefront of human reproductive health.

18897.52 RUR

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John Dascanio Equine Reproductive Procedures

Equine Reproductive Procedures is a user-friendly guide to reproductive management, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic techniques on stallions, mares, and foals. Offering detailed descriptions of 161 procedures ranging from common to highly specialized, the book gives step-by-step instructions with interpretative information, as well as useful equipment lists and references for further reading. Presented in a highly portable spiral-bound format, Equine Reproductive Procedures is a practical resource for daily use in equine practice. Divided into sections on the non-pregnant mare, the pregnant mare, the postpartum mare, the stallion, and the newborn foal, the book is well-illustrated throughout with clinical photographs demonstrating procedures. Equine Reproductive Procedures provides practical guidance for performing basic and advanced techniques associated with the medical management of horses.

9732.99 RUR

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Ginter Lopez Po grudach, po ciemku, i po omacku

Группа авторов Reproductive Health and Human Rights

Группа авторов Reproductive Disruptions

Nominated for the 2007 Book Prize by the Council on Anthropology and Reproduction (AAA) Reproductive disruptions, such as infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption, and childhood disability, are among the most distressing experiences in people’s lives. Based on research by leading medical anthropologists from around the world, this book examines such issues as local practices detrimental to safe pregnancy and birth; conflicting reproductive goals between women and men; miscommunications between pregnant women and their genetic counselors; cultural anxieties over gamete donation and adoption; the contested meanings of abortion; cultural critiques of hormone replacement therapy; and the globalization of new pharmaceutical and assisted reproductive technologies. This breadth – with its explicit move from the “local” to the “global,” from the realm of everyday reproductive practice to international programs and policies – illuminates most effectively the workings of power, the tensions between women’s and men’s reproductive agency, and various cultural and structural inequalities in reproductive health.

2300.74 RUR

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Speedy Publishing Reproductive System (Human) Speedy Study Guides

The reproductive system is a set of organs that enable the process of sexual reproduction in an organism. For humans, this has resulted in the emergence of two different sexes, male and female, both of which have significantly different sexual organs. The reproductive system is a complex one. It is prone to disease and other abnormal conditions. In such instances, a reference guide will surely be helpful to quickly identify any problem you are having so you can promptly have them treated.

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Рециркулятор MBox PO-50UV

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PO-50UV MBox

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Рециркулятор MBox PO-100UV

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PO-100UV MBox

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Speedy Publishing Reproductive System (Speedy Study Guides)

The reproductive system is a set of organs that enable the process of sexual reproduction in an organism. For humans, this has resulted in the emergence of two different sexes, male and female, both of which have significantly different sexual organs. The reproductive system is a complex one. It is prone to disease and other abnormal conditions. In such instances, a reference guide will surely be helpful to quickly identify any problem you are having so you can promptly have them treated.

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